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The Best 4th of July Sales on Tech, Furniture, Mattresses and More!

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Every American knows a good or bad deal when they see one - a bad deal was the reason we kicked out the Brits back in the 1770s, wasn't it? And in that spirit, it seems only right that we celebrate our independence from our friends across the pond by having one of the biggest sales events of the year: the 4th of July sales! 

But we all know that as with a lot of the biggest sales events - like Black Friday or Back to School - the 4th of July sales can be pretty bewildering. It can be challenging to know where to find truly great deals among the sea of mediocre ones. To help you out, we've done the hard work for you, trawling through this year's 4th July sales and selecting only the best of the bargains. Enjoy!

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Bored in the USA? Upgrade Your Tech during These 4th of July Sales

Our tech products are what got us through this past year. Luckily, the 4th of July weekend 2024 will look a bit more normal in comparison to last year. We definitely won't have to watch fireworks on our TVs, however, this doesn't mean we should miss out on great tech deals! 4th of July weekend always brings in great discounts on tech. And the best of them? TVs, laptops, and household appliances! 

The best of the 4th July TV sales 

If your old TV is looking a bit dated, the 4th of July is a great opportunity to pick up a new one. And with 4k not quite as cutting edge as it used to be, you can now pick up a TV with 4k capability for less than you might think. The best places to find great deals on TVs around Independence Day are: 

  • Walmart - Walmart almost always has some great TV offers, but July 4th is a real high point. Last year, some of their 4k TVs were on sale for more than $600 less than their regular price! 

  • Best Buy - Another staple of the TV market with another killer 4th of July sale. They also had savings of more than $500 last year. 

Where to find the best laptop sales on the 4th July 

You could also do worse than look for a new laptop during the Independence Day sales, for which the savings are always plentiful. The top sales are surprisingly found at the actual manufacturers' online stores, rather than a bigger retailer. These are the laptop deals you don't want to miss: 

  • Dell - You can count on Dell to have a 4th of July sale, and it's always killer. Last year, you could get $400 off some laptops, and up to $250 off their gaming laptops!

  • HP - Whether you're a student looking for a new laptop to handle college coursework, or if you're a gamer looking for a new device, you'll be sure to find what you need at HP. HP holds frequent sales where laptops will be up to 50% off! 

The best of the 4th of July appliance sales 

The final area of tech where you can find sizable 4th of July savings is in household appliances: slow-cookers, coffee makers, and even food processors. So, if your kitchen is in dire need of new appliances, then now is the time to buy. You'll find the best sales at: 

  • Home Depot - Where else? This time last year, Home Depot was shifting whole kitchen appliance sets, including fridges, cookers, and dishwashers, for around $2k. Expect to see more great Home Depot deals this year as well! 

  • Walmart - Another big hitter, but here we're looking at the smaller (but still important) kitchen items. In 2019, Walmart's Fourth of July sale had big savings on appliances like slow-cookers. 

Decking out the house in the 4th July sales: shop furniture sales

Marking the true beginning of summer, 4th July is a good time to clear out some of your old furniture and to bring in something new. It's also BBQ season, so you'll want something comfy to sit on and eat outside. Happily, three of the most frequently discounted products in the Independence Day sales are patio furniture, grills, and mattresses - so you can get real stuffed full of BBQ outside and then collapse onto an extremely comfy new bed! What more could anyone want? 

Where to shop in the 4th of July mattress sales

Most Americans sleep on extremely old mattresses, compromising the health of their back and contributing to a lack of sleep across the nation. But thankfully, 4th July represents the perfect time to buy a brand new mattress! Mattresses are always subject to huge savings in the 4th July sales. If you're wondering where to get yours, the best 4th July mattress sales can typically be found at: 

  • Nectar Sleep - In 2019, you could get two free pillows with any mattress in their Independence Day sale. 

  • Mattress Firm - This shop went the extra mile last year during their 4th of July mattress sale, offering savings of up to $400!

  • Casper - Another great shop for all things sleep! Casper offers mattresses at great prices and even hosts some amazing sales. Use our coupon to get $100 off your new mattress! 

The best 4th of July patio furniture and grill sales 

We have to make up for the fourth of July celebrations we missed out on last year, and a great way to do just that is hosting a BBQ! If your home is lacking when it comes to comfy patio furniture, or you're lacking a grill, then this is a good time of year to grab one. The best sales can be found at: 

  • Home Depot - Another shop you can count on having a great sale on everything you need for your home and patio! Last year you could pick up their top-rated grills for less than $200. 

  • Cabela's - Last year, Cabela's 4th of July sale featured sitewide discounts of up to 60% off, plus free shipping! 

And what if I served my country? 

Veterans and active military member 4th of July discounts 

If you're either an active member of the military or a veteran, then there are plenty of Fourth of July deals out there just for you. They're pretty varied, but that doesn't mean to say they aren't worth looking into. In fact, last year the best Veterans deals for July 4th, 2024 included: