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How we test coupons

Searching for working coupons through various sites can be frustrating. However, here at CNET Coupons, we have a dedicated coupon team to source and test each individual code so you're never left disappointed. Curious about how we manage this with thousands of codes available? Here's everything you need to know about how we source and test the codes at CNET Coupons:

What we do

At CNET Coupons, we scour the internet to find the best deals and discounts available on the market.  If there are discounts to be found, our team of experts will find them! We believe in verified, trustworthy codes that you know you can turn to when you're checking out your items while shopping online. A quick browse of the coupons we have available and you know you'll be walking away (or sitting on the couch) with a great deal on the brands you love.

Our values

Essentially, our mission is to help you save money when you buy the things you want online so you can keep more of your hard-earned dollars to spend on the things that really matter. When we get down to the core of what we do, here are the values we uphold: 


We aim to be your go-to provider for coupon codes whenever you're looking to save money on your online shopping. That's why we have perfected a step-by-step testing process to ensure every code you use works flawlessly. We want you to be able to trust that every time you apply a promo code from CNET Coupons, you'll be saving big.


We believe that saving money should be easy. Finding a coupon code shouldn't be stressful, and that's why our team of testing experts do the heavy lifting. You shouldn't have to search the web for hours to save; you should simply be able to visit one trustworthy site and access all of the deals on the market right now. 


We don't outsource the testing process. Every code is individually tested by our internal team so that we can ensure you never encounter issues when trying to apply a coupon. It's not that we don't trust other people - we just know that our team does it best! 


Our team really is the best around, with over 70 years in the coupon business between just 5 of our team members alone! Each new member brings with them a wealth of expertise and knowledge about the coupon industry, best practices, and a deeper understanding of the ways our users can save money every time they shop. 

Get the inside scoop on our sourcing process

Want to know how we find the best deals for you every time? How do we manage to successfully publish thousands of active discounts? Here's everything you need to know: 

1. Manually checking each site

It sounds like a lot of work, but browsing popular retailers in search of a deal sounds like a fun time to us! We're constantly checking out the places you love to shop (think: Vistaprint, H&M, Samsung, Temu...) in search of their latest offers. Our goal is to make sure you can find all of the ways you can save at the stores you love in one handy place.

2. Subscribing to newsletters

The most efficient way to stay up-to-date with the latest offerings from each store is to subscribe to their newsletter. Do we receive a lot of mail? Absolutely. But we understand that this is one of the most efficient ways to stay in-the-loop, and therefore keep you in the loop, too. 

3. Connecting with each store's affiliate feed directly

This is the best way to ensure that no coupon-related stone is left unturned! Our committed team of account managers liaise directly with the store's affiliate network to try and secure you exclusive codes so you can save even more on your online shopping, granting you access to discounts only provided by us.

Test procedure

Here at CNET Coupons, we're old-school. We believe that manually checking our coupons, in the same way our users do, guarantees the best user experience. With no coupon on our site unchecked, you can be sure you'll be clicking a coupon you can trust each time you apply one to your order. Here are the steps we take to make sure our codes work every time:

  1. Source the discount. As we mentioned above, our team of experts source our discounts from multiple sources from across the web. 

  2. Add to the queue. When a deal or discount is sourced, it is added to the queue to be checked by us.

  3. Test. Our team of testers checks each coupon to make sure that they work and that the details outlined in the code itself are correct and up-to-date for our site visitors. We check our codes for the following: Discount Value, Minimum Order Value, Expiration Date, Product or Brand Restrictions, and Typos.

What happens when the codes have been tested:

  • If the codes have been tested and are found to be working perfectly with no errors, they will remain on the store's page unchained. 

  • Tests that show that the code/offer is valid but requires updating will be double-checked and updated once again by our team.

  • Any codes that are found to be invalid/expired will be removed from our pages immediately. 

  • Once we have carried out our initial tests, the codes and deals will continue to be tested regularly to ensure that all of the codes displayed on our pages are active.

Our priority is assuring our users that our coupons are verified, trustworthy, and reliable, so we take our testing process seriously. 

How is it possible to test all of these codes?

As we might have mentioned, we have the best team of experts sourcing, testing, adjusting, and removing coupons every minute. Many of our testers operate in different time zones, which allows us to get ahead of the game when it comes to adding new deals as soon as they are available. We have dedicated testing teams and managers to oversee the operation daily to make sure that every experience you have on our site is a positive one that saves you money every time.