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TaxSlayer Tax Seaon 2023 Discounts

Filing taxes can be tricky when it comes to gathering the necessary information and filling it out correctly. Gear up for tax season by selecting tax software that’s right for you. TaxSlayer is a great cloud-based option that provides you with everything you’ll need to easily file your taxes. Check out our TaxSlayer coupons to help you save on your filing this year and some more important information on their software and various plans. 

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About TaxSlayer

File your taxes with TaxSlayer and get access to tax experts via phone, email, or live chat!
File your taxes with TaxSlayer and get access to tax experts via phone, email, or live chat!

TaxSlayer is an online, cloud-based tax software that allows filers to prepare their taxes on their own. The software provides all necessary forms, calculations, and other resources filers may need to complete their federal and state taxes. TaxSlayer offers phone and email help throughout your filing process and is known for being one of the more affordable tax software options. And, of course, you can use one of our TaxSlayer coupons to score savings on filing your 2023 taxes! 

Why choose TaxSlayer

In addition to being a fast and affordable tax software, TaxSlayer also offers its customers two important guarantees:

  • Maximum refund guarantee: If you use a competing tax service and receive a larger refund or pay less in taxes than when you file with TaxSlayer, they will refund you the difference. This applies to federal returns but does not apply to their simply free plan.

  • 100% accuracy guaranteed: If you wrongly receive any federal or state penalties when filing your taxes with TaxSlayer, they will reimburse you. They guarantee that all of the calculations made on their software are accurate. 

For more information on how to take advantage of TaxSlayer’s guarantees, you can visit their website. On top of these guarantees, they also offer unlimited phone and email support while you file, a free app to conveniently receive updates on your refund status, and no surprise fees. 

How to use TaxSlayer online

TaxSlayer is simple and intuitive to use:

  1. Visit the website homepage and select “start for free.”

  2. Verify your account. 

  3. TaxSlayer will help you choose the plan that’s right for you.

  4. Provide personal information to help define your tax situation.

  5. Use the software to guide you through filing and receiving your tax return. 

TaxSlayer tax refund plans

File free with TaxSlayers free tax prep services!
File free with TaxSlayers free tax prep services!

TaxSlayer offers a variety of plans their customers can choose from, depending on their tax service needs. They only offer plans for filing on your own, so if you’re looking to have a tax expert file your taxes for you, you’ll want to invest in a different tax service. 

TaxSlayer Plans & Pricing


Best for

State fees included


Additional features

Simply free

Simple tax situations (basic 1040)


Education expenses covered

Prior year compare


All forms, deductions, and credits



IRS inquiry assistance


All forms, deductions, and credits



Priority phone and email support

Live chat support

Access to a tax pro

IRS audit assistance


Personal and business income and expenses, 1099, and Schedule C



1099 & Schedule C support

Audit defense

Tax payment reminders

TaxSlayer Pro

TaxSlayer Pro is a tax filing option for businesses. It is the same cloud-based system, just geared toward businesses rather than individuals. It is easy to install and user-friendly, allowing business owners efficiently complete their taxes year after year. With TaxSlayer Pro, you will receive

  • 1040-based program

  • Integrated bank products

  • Technical support, including a designated first-year account manager and customer growth team 

They offer three different Pro plans: web, which is cloud-based, premium, and classic. You can find a direct comparison of their 3 Pro plans to find out more about the unique features included in each option. Check out their mobile app, TaxesToGo.

Military file

TaxSlayer offers active duty military members free filing of federal returns. Regardless of the tax situation, filing is 100% free, but you will need to pay your state fees. In the military plan, you’ll be able to

  • Prepare, print, and e-file your taxes

  • Claim all credits and deductions to pay the least in taxes or receive the maximum possible refund

  • Access all major IRS forms without needing to upgrade your plan 

  • Fast fill by importing your W-2 and auto-filling your income and wages

  • Receive IRS inquiry assistance 

TaxSlayer tax tools and resources

Simply filing your 2023 taxes with tax software, and save with our TaxSlayer coupons.
Simply filing your 2023 taxes with tax software, and save with our TaxSlayer coupons.

On the TaxSlayer website, you can also find tax tools to support you in your filing. You can find:

  • Tax calculator

  • Ask a tax pro

  • IRS resources, i.e. forms, instructions, and publications

  • Supported forms–view the list of tax forms TaxSlayer supports

You’ll also find tax resources to find out more information on things like tax extensions, amended returns, withholdings, etc. Check out the website for further tax resources to support you in filing your 2023 taxes. 

More tax filing options

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