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Athletic Greens Deal

Athletic Greens Coupons in February 2023

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    Available until further notice

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    Available until further notice

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    Helpful Store Info & Tips

    Athletic Greens Promo Code

    Redeeming your promo code

    1. To redeem your Athletic Greens promo code, you need to first select the products you want in your cart.

    2. Once at the checkout, look for the “Have a promo code?” link under your Summary.

    3. When you click on it, it will display a box for you to enter the coupon. 

    4. Click on Apply.

    If your promo code isn’t working, try this:

    • Start by checking if your Athletic Greens coupon code is correct. Look for any missing symbols or extra spaces.

    • If there is no issue, check that the coupon is still valid.

    • Another reason why your Athletic Greens discount code is not working is if your purchase does not meet any product or spending requirements. Look at the code’s terms and eligibility criteria.

    If there are no promo codes available…

    When there are no available Athletic Greens promo codes, you can still find ways to save on their products. It is a good idea to sign up for the Athletic Greens newsletter to get notified each time there is a sale or an upcoming event.

    Combining coupons

    With Athletic Greens, combining coupons is not possible. You can, however, get a good Athletic Greens deal with the monthly AG1 subscription that will give you discounts and perks every month.

    Using online coupons in-stores

    Redeeming your online Athletic Greens coupons in-store is not possible because AG products are only sold through the website.

    Annual sales

    Black Friday sale

    Although there have not been previous Black Friday sales at Athletic Greens, it is best to check the website for any upcoming promotions.

    Public holiday sales

    Based on previous years, Athletic Greens does not usually host sales during public holidays. You can always find better pricing at the store by using one of our Athletic Green coupon codes.

    Seasonal sales

    Unfortunately, Athletic Greens does not run many seasonal sales, but you can still get discounted prices by using our AG promo codes.

    Sale section

    There is no sale section at Athletic Greens at this time, but shoppers can get discounted pricing by subscribing to receive products on a monthly basis.

    Important Athletic Greens saving info

    Athletic Greens rewards and discounts

    Technically, Athletic Greens does not have a rewards program. If you become a subscriber, however, you will receive the store’s Subscribe and Save discount. As a subscriber, you agree to get products every 15, 30, 45, or 60 days, and you can modify your subscription at any time.

    The Athletic Greens app

    Although there is no Athletic Greens app and app discount at this time, you can still benefit from the savings you get with the monthly subscription.

    More unique discounts

    How to get a military discount

    Athletic Greens does not currently offer a discount to military personnel. The good news is that even without an Athletic Greens military discount, you can still find better pricing through the subscription and our promo codes.

    How to get a student discount

    Unfortunately, there is not an active Athletic Greens student discount right now. By subscribing to the AG newsletter, however, you can be among the first to be notified of the latest discounts.

    Sign up offer

    There is currently no Athletic Greens sign-up offer. However, if you sign up for the Athletic Greens newsletter, you might get a coupon for upcoming sales and deals.

    Returning customer coupons

    If you are a returning customer with a regular monthly subscription, you will benefit from the Subscribe and Save discount. Also, if you refer a friend, Athletic Greens will give you a returning customer coupon.

    Refer a friend

    When you refer a friend, Athletic Greens will give you a promo code to use for your next order. To use the discount, head to Next Order Edit Mode and click on Add Promo Code under the settings section. Referral rewards can be used once per code.

    More Athletic Greens information

    Making returns

    Per Athletic Greens’ return policy, you have 90 days to request a refund if you are not happy with the product. This is part of AG’s 90-day money-back guarantee that lets you initiate the process of getting a refund up to 90 days after making your first order. You will receive the refund within seven days of making the request.

    Payment options

    Athletic Greens accepts payments made through PayPal, as well as all major credit cards like Visa and MasterCard.