Where to Find the Best Back to School Sales

As the days get shorter and the evenings cooler, it's time to start thinking about the new school year. If your kids are anything like ours, they'll have grown about two feet over the summer so their clothes won't fit anymore, will have lost all the stationary you bought them for the last school year, and might even have broken their laptop. 

Thankfully, each year from late July to early September, major retailers across America hold their back to school sales, saving parents money across the country on everything from uniforms to backpacks. And, to help you out getting your kids ready for school without destroying your bank balance, we've brought together all the best back to school deals in one place.

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The best school supplies sales 

First on the list are school supplies - pens, paper, rubbers, rulers - you name it, your kid will probably need it at some point during the school year. You'll probably want to buy school supplies in bulk as well if you can - there is little more annoying for any of us than to be desperately scrabbling around for a pen or pencil. The best places to go for this kind of thing are more or less where you'd expect: Staples, Walmart and Office Depot, all of which offered deals of between 40 and 85% off in their 2019 back to school sales. 

Where to find the best school clothing sales this year

Kids get through clothes - especially school clothes - like Homer Simpson gets through Duff Beer. You therefore need to make sure of two things when buying your kids a new school wardrobe: don't buy anything so expensive that you'll feel sick when they grow out of it in six months, and make sure whatever you're buying is durable. Oh, and make sure it's easy to wash! Thankfully, there are plenty of options that fit that bill in the back to school sales. The Children's Place, Walmart and Old Navy all have big sales - with up to 50% off - on their comfiest, most durable pieces throughout the summer. 

The best places for back to school deals on laptops

These days, a kid can't really flourish at school without a computer. Assignments are handed in online, there are online learning portals to be used, and - obviously - Youtube videos to be watched! But, much like with clothes, you probably don't want to get your kid the flashiest laptop possible - we've all watched in horror as soda pours into the keyboard, totaling your new Macbook. Instead, you're better off picking up something reasonably priced, durable and functional. For that, head over to one of the following, all of whom usually have sizable price cuts in their back to school sales: 

Finding the best back to school shoe sales

Your kids will probably also need some new shoes for heading back to school - sneakers if they're allowed, or some smarter shoes if the school has a strict policy. Shoes - unlike a lot of the other things on this list - are something you don't want to be sparing the cash on. Supportive, good quality, comfortable shoes are vital to your children's development. Thankfully, however, they don't have to cost the earth, with some killer back to school shoe sales out there. For smarter shoes, you could do a lot worse than heading to Shoe Carnival, which has a strong sale offering. And for sneakers, adidas, Foot Locker and Nike always offer big savings at this time of year. 

The best backpack back to school sales

Now that you've assembled your children's wardrobe, stationary and laptop collection, you're going to need something for them to put everything in - and is there anything cuter than a kid with an oversized backpack? I think not. The best places to pick one up? Walmart and Target.