After Christmas Sales

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The best after Christmas sales of 2020

When are the after Christmas sales?

Traditionally the after Christmas sales run from December 26 through to January 1. Though some shops start their after Christmas sales on Christmas Eve.

What can I buy in the after Christmas sales?

The after Christmas sales are a great opportunity to save on a variety of products from clothing and homewares to electronics and Christmas decorations. If you’re looking for the best places to save, we’ve put together a list of stores for you.

Best Buy – If you missed out on the Best Buy Black Friday deals, don’t worry the after Christmas sales have you covered. Last year Best Buy discounted TVs, iPads and a range of electronics in the after Christmas sales, so be sure to keep an eye out on this year’s deals.  

Walmart - In previous Walmart after Christmas sales there have been discounts of up to 70% on select sale items. This year sales are likely to be on a range of items across departments meaning you could find after Christmas deals on everything from clothing and furniture to electronics and Christmas decorations.

Macys – Save across a range of departments in the Macys after Christmas sales. In the past Macys after Christmas sales have included sales on linens, clothing, sunglasses and a range of items across departments.

Bed Bath and Beyond – Save big in the Bed Bath and Beyond after Christmas sales. The after Christmas sales are likely to be substantial with Bed Bath and Beyond discounting everything by 50% in last year’s after Christmas sale.

Kohls – Save on clothing, kitchen appliances and so much more at the Kohls after Christmas sales. In 2019 the Kohls after Christmas specials slashed prices by up to 70%.

Home Depot – Looking to stock up and on Christmas decorations? The Home Depot after Christmas sales have you covered with up to 75% off Christmas decorations, Christmas lights, projectors and more.